Sahakar Bharati is a mass organisation Of the Co-op. movement.


  • Economic Development of the Nation by promoting Co-operatives in the various fields.


  • Solving the economical problem of the weaker section by forming Co- op. societies and also to bring the National and social awareness as well as the social responsibility in the society.


  • Bharat is an ancient Nation and it has a glorious tradition of Co-op. activities. Co- operation is the best way for the economic development of the society. Sahakar Bharati is working as a Non-Political and Non-Government organization. For the co-operative workers, the co-operation is selfless service to the society in the economic field. Therefore, the felling of social responsibility in the Co-operative workers is essential. It is essential to follow financial discipline in Co-operative field. For the Co-operative Society economic fitness is not the only test but the social welfare also Co-operative movement should free from party politics.

Specialities of Sahakar Bharati

  • For spreading, purifying and strengthing the Co-operative movement.
  • Any individual as well as Co-operative society can become member of Sahakar Bharati, who have faith in its concepts.
  • Sahakar Bharati is working as a Non-Political and Non-Government organization.

Activities of Sahakar Bharati

  • To enroll member, for promoting, canvassing and spreading the Co-operative movement.
  • To give training in Co-operation.
  • To develop model Co-op. societies.
  • To guide Co-operative societies and to solve their problems.
  • To improve the working of Co-operative societies.
  • To publish literature regarding Co-operative movement.
  • To promote and develop contacts between Co-op. societies and organize them.